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Education in Kohima: Landscape, Scenario and Scope

The educational infrastructure of Kohima and state Nagaland has grown by leaps and bounds. The place is known for its beautiful natural scenery as well as its flourishing educational sector. The city of Kohima bears good literacy rate as the evolution done to the educational system has been remarkable in past few decades. Nagaland is also considered as the “English State” of the country because the official language of the state is English.

Education imparted in Kohima is qualitative and world widely acclaimed. Alike the other states, Nagaland also follows the similar education system. The wide network of schools and colleges within the city motivates students across the state to get educated.

The city can boast of a number of schools with the aim of providing primary education to the children of the city. School education holds the key for development of any society. Apart from government aided schools, there are a large number of reputed private educational institutions. Schools integrate human education as integral part of their students, which is capable of saving humanity.

Kohima being one of the greatest educational hubs of Northeast India enrolls large number of the students from every part of the country to pursue their education. Nagaland Government has made numerous efforts to improve the education system of the state. The expansion and improvement of education sector is done to meet the requirements of growing population of Nagaland. Education Sector in Kohima has improved both in quantitative and qualitative terms. Establishment of new institutes from primary level to higher education level and professional level has been done and also the introductions of new programs have also come to being. The increasing literacy rate in Kohima is the result of improvement of Educational Sector by Nagaland Government.

In Kohima demand of vocational studies is also largely seen. The city offers vocational courses in various streams like home-science, health, para-medical, engineering and commerce. The wide network of colleges offers courses in medical, engineering, management, law and commerce. The most renowned university of Nagaland, the Nagaland University is a central university situated in Kohima.

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